Mike Tizzano

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My entire being, from earliest childhood to the present, has been literally consumed with a wonderment and subsequent creation of my visual surroundings. A love and fascination of the human form has presented itself throughout my work from the earliest crudely drawn crayon images, to my present day work in clay and bronze. I find that the true purpose for my time on this earth has been to share with others one person’s love of the beauty that surrounds all of us, and to encourage viewers to stop and share for a moment this experience with me.

I create my sculptures as “poetry without words”; expression of quiet peacefulness, inner reflection, or as simply a “joy of life”. Children and dancers, as subject matter, are commonly found in my work, always providing for me endless inspiration to express myself. The simple, primal engagement of hands in earth clay, coupled with a vision that I hope will uplift those around me, is all that I desire to do. If reaching the emotions and the soul of even one other person results, then I have been successful. This is my journey.