Dede Dufresne

Denise works with porcelain ware and tiles, traditionally produced for the “china painting” market. Her main focus is fine art paintings on select porcelain tiles. These tiles are produced for use as porcelain canvasses and differ from the conventional porcelain tiles used in wall and flooring applications. Their translucent white structure lends to striking detail and color with the traditional mineral-based paints that are layered and kiln-fired in multiple applications to achieve unique depth and lighting detail. These tiles are traditionally mounted, framed and displayed as conventional fine art paintings, and are capable of being displayed in backsplash/splashback installations. They can also be permanently installed in a conventional tile installation.

Porcelain and ceramic tile murals can also be rendered by the artist on high quality commercial unglazed, (underglaze,) or clear-glazed, (overglaze) tiles for permanent installation. Underglaze projects are subsequently finished with a kiln-fired clear glaze.

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